2. Course for forest managers about EU funds for Natura 2000 sites

On this page we publish innovative on-line course materials in Hungarian language for forest managers.

The objective of the course is to introduce the support schemes that are available for ensuring the conditions for quality forest management practices in Natura 2000 forests.

  • Guidance for processing the course
  • Forestry measures in the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 – an overview
  • Measure for restoring forest damages related to the forestry potential
  • Measure for invesments aiming at improving the resilience and environmental resilience of forest ecosystems
  • Measure for developing public and touristic amenities by forest ecosystems
  • Measure for investments aiming at forestry technology and for processing, mobilizing and commercializing of forestry products
  • Measure for mobilizing the forestry yield potential
  • Compensation measure for Natura 2000 forest areas
  • Forest-environment measure
  • Measure for improving forest genetic resources
  • EIP-Agri measures related to forests for establishing innovative operative groups and realizing innovative projects
  • Measure for establishing agro-forestry systems
  • Measure for establishing forests