4. Course on project communication

On this page we publish innovative on-line course materials in Hungarian language in the topic of project communication.

The objective of this course is to present what is the role and what are the tasks of project communication during the various stages of the project cycle. We discuss various channels and tools for realizing project communication, including compulsory and recommended communication tools of LIFE projects.

  • Guidance on processing the course
  • Introduction to project communication
  • Planning project communication aspects during the proposal preparation phase
  • Communication tools in the launching phase of the project: action plan, communication plan
  • Communication tools in the launching phase of the project: kick-off event, project website
  • Communication tools in the main implementation phase of the project: an overview
  • Engaging experts and the public
  • Preparation of information materials and information boards
  • Public relations, organizing press events
  • Press release, interview
  • Tips for writing a press release
  • On-line appearances: newsletter and social media
  • Networking
  • Layman’s report
  • After-LIFE plan
  • Tips for writing a good After-LIFE Nature Conservation Plan
  • Communication tools of the post-project implementation phase